It's not just a physical discomfort; it can also disrupt your concentration, affect your balance, and even interfere with your sleep. We understand that persistent ear pain can be more than a simple annoyance - it can hinder your productivity at work, diminish your enjoyment of social activities, and generally reduce your quality of life.

Causes of earaches and pain

Ear pain can stem from various underlying factors, including:

  • Ear infections: Infections of the middle ear (otitis media) or the outer ear (otitis externa) can lead to ear pain, often accompanied by other symptoms like ear discharge and hearing problems.
  • Earwax blockage: Accumulation of earwax can cause discomfort and pain by blocking the ear canal.
  • Swimmer's ear: Prolonged exposure to water in the ear, such as while swimming, can lead to a condition known as swimmer's ear, characterized by ear pain and inflammation.
  • Eardrum perforation: A perforated eardrum, often due to trauma or infection, can result in sharp ear pain and possible hearing loss.
  • Foreign objects: The presence of foreign objects in the ear, especially in children, can cause ear pain.
  • Sinus infections: Infections in the sinuses can radiate pain to the ears, leading to discomfort.
  • Dental issues: Dental problems, such as tooth infections, can sometimes cause referred ear pain.
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When to seek help for an earache

Earaches can sometimes be indicative of a more significant health issue, so it's essential to know when to seek medical attention. Please make an appointment with your doctor if you observe any of the following symptoms:

  • The pain in your ear continues or intensifies over time.
  • There's a fluid discharge from your ear.
  • You're experiencing general illness symptoms such as fever.
  • There's a noticeable deterioration in your hearing.
  • You have underlying health conditions like diabetes or a compromised immune system.
  • If your child, especially under the age of 2, complains of an earache

Diagnosing earaches and pain

At Louisiana ENT Specialists, we take a comprehensive and precise approach to diagnosing the causes of earaches and pain. Our experienced otolaryngologists (ENT specialists) will perform a thorough evaluation, which may include:

Physical examination

A comprehensive review of your medical history and symptoms.

Otoscopic examination

The use of an otoscope to examine the ear canal and eardrum for signs of infection, earwax blockage, or other abnormalities.

Hearing tests

Audiometric tests may be conducted to assess your hearing.

Imaging studies

In some cases, a CT scan or MRI may be recommended to get a detailed view of the ear structures.

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Treatment for earaches and pain

Treatment for earaches and pain at Louisiana ENT Specialists is individualized to address the specific cause of your discomfort. Our approach may include:


Depending on the underlying issue, medications like antibiotics, pain relievers, or ear drops may be prescribed.

Earwax removal

If earwax blockage is the culprit, our specialists can safely remove the obstruction.

Management of infections

Ear infections may require antibiotics or other appropriate treatments.

Ear protection

We can offer guidance on how to protect your ears from future discomfort, such as swimmer's ear.

Surgical interventions

In cases of eardrum perforation or other structural issues, surgical procedures may be considered.

Why choose Louisiana Ear, Nose, Throat & Sinus for your ear pain

Our team consists of more than 25 experienced physicians and specialists who bring an in-depth understanding of ear, nose, and throat health to each interaction. Their combined expertise ensures that you receive the best possible care for your specific needs. We understand that your time is valuable. That's why we offer same-day appointments and have six locations across Louisiana for your convenience. We strive to provide care that works around your schedule, not the other way around.

At Louisiana ENT Specialists, we believe in providing personalized care. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where every patient feels comfortable and well taken care of. Our focus is on understanding your unique needs and providing tailored solutions to ensure you get the best possible results. With over 45 years of service in Louisiana, we have deep roots in the community. Yet, our standards of care are global. We provide comprehensive ENT care under one roof, ensuring that you have access to a wide range of services without having to go elsewhere.

With 6 convenient locations around the Louisiana area, we're never far away.

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