Convenient and precise CT imaging in our office. 

In-office CT imaging is a state-of-the-art procedure that enables us to capture detailed cross-sectional images of your head and neck. These images are invaluable for diagnosing a wide range of medical conditions, from sinus infections to ear and throat disorders. This procedure is convenient, efficient, and minimizes the need for external referrals or long waiting times. In-office CT imaging is a game-changer in the world of medical diagnostics, offering patients a streamlined and comfortable experience.

World-class results can be yours.

Louisiana ENT can deliver world-class results for CT imaging services through a combination of cutting-edge technology, an exceptional team of specialists, and a commitment to precision. Our state-of-the-art CT equipment ensures high-quality imaging, while our experienced ENT specialists possess the expertise to interpret these scans accurately. Furthermore, our patient-centric philosophy guarantees individualized care and a focus on providing patients with a comprehensive understanding of their condition. This holistic approach, driven by our commitment to excellence, ensures that Louisiana ENT consistently provides superior CT imaging results to empower patients with precise diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

Is CT imaging necessary for you? 

There are several key situations where CT imaging can be a necessary and beneficial diagnostic tool. Here are five reasons why you might require CT imaging:

  • Chronic Sinus Issues: If you're dealing with chronic sinus problems, a CT scan can provide detailed insights into the structure and condition of your sinuses.
  • Hearing Loss or Ear Pain: CT imaging can help identify issues within the ear that may be causing hearing loss or pain.
  • Throat Disorders: For disorders affecting the throat or voice box, a CT scan can reveal structural abnormalities.
  • Nasal and Facial Trauma: After accidents or injuries, CT imaging can assess damage to the nasal and facial bones.
  • Persistent Symptoms: When symptoms persist without a clear diagnosis, a CT scan can help uncover underlying issues that may have been previously undetected.
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In-Office CT Imaging FAQs

Is in-office CT imaging safe?

Yes, in-office CT imaging is safe. It utilizes a low dose of radiation and is performed with modern technology to minimize any potential risks. Your safety is our priority.

How long does a typical CT scan take in your office?

The procedure is usually quick, taking only a few minutes, which allows for a convenient and efficient experience during your visit.

Will I receive the results immediately?

Typically, results are not provided immediately after the scan. Instead, the images are reviewed by a specialist, and the findings will be discussed during a follow-up appointment with your physician to ensure a thorough and accurate evaluation.

Is in-office CT imaging covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover in-office CT imaging when it is deemed medically necessary. Our experienced team can assist you in navigating the insurance process and verifying coverage to ease your financial concerns.

Is it possible to have a CT scan if I'm pregnant?

Special precautions are taken for pregnant patients, and the procedure is typically avoided unless it is deemed medically necessary, as radiation exposure during pregnancy is a concern that should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

Why should you choose Louisiana ENT?

When you choose Louisiana ENT for your in-office CT imaging, you're choosing a team of experienced ENT specialists who are deeply rooted in the Louisiana community. We offer the convenience of in-office CT imaging, eliminating the need for external referrals and minimizing wait times. With a commitment to compassionate, personalized care and a focus on delivering world-class results, Louisiana ENT stands out as the top choice for your diagnostic and treatment needs. Trust us for precise and efficient CT imaging services, ensuring your peace of mind and the best possible care.

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