At Louisiana ENT Specialists, we understand that each individual has unique needs and desires regarding facial plastic surgery. Our expert surgeons combine meticulous technique with artistic insight to achieve natural and harmonious results, whether patients want to refine their appearance or require reconstructive procedures.


Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure designed to reshape the nose to improve its appearance and, in some cases, function. It can correct a range of concerns, including nasal asymmetry, disproportionate size, or structural issues that impede breathing. At Louisiana ENT, our surgeons approach rhinoplasty with a keen eye for detail.

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Mole removal

Mole removal is not only a cosmetic procedure but can also be a preventive measure against skin cancer. Moles that change in size, color, or texture should be evaluated and potentially removed. Our surgeons use precise techniques to minimize scarring and analyze the moles to ensure they are not harmful, providing peace of mind and cosmetic improvement.

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Skin biopsies

When a skin lesion is suspected of malignancy, a biopsy is essential for diagnosis. Our surgeons perform skin biopsies with the dual goals of establishing a definitive diagnosis and maintaining aesthetic appearance. The biopsy involves removing a small section of skin for laboratory analysis, and it’s conducted with care to minimize discomfort and scarring.

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Otoplasty, or ear reshaping surgery, is performed to alter the size or position of the ears. It is often sought by individuals with protruding ears or those who wish to correct deformities from birth or injury. Our surgeons at Louisiana ENT are skilled in techniques that not only create a natural ear shape but also preserve or enhance the ear’s functionality.

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Earlobe repair

Earlobe repair is a procedure to correct damaged earlobes, often due to trauma, the prolonged wearing of heavy earrings, or gauging. The goal is to restore a normal earlobe appearance with minimal scarring. Louisiana ENT offers meticulous earlobe repair services, ensuring that the integrity of the earlobe is restored, allowing for re-piercing if desired.

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What to expect when undergoing facial reconstructive surgery?

Undergoing facial reconstructive surgery begins with a comprehensive consultation where your surgeon will discuss your aesthetic goals, evaluate your facial structure, and outline a personalized surgical plan. Expect a detailed explanation of the procedure, risks, benefits, and recovery process. Pre-operative instructions may include guidelines on medication, diet, and cessation of smoking to ensure optimal healing.

Post-surgery, patients typically experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort, which is normal but temporary. Your surgeon will provide specific aftercare instructions, including how to care for incisions, manage pain, and when to resume normal activities. Follow-up appointments are crucial to monitor your healing and the outcome of the surgery. It’s essential to have realistic expectations and understand that it takes time for the tissues to heal and settle.

Why choose us for facial reconstructive surgery

At Louisiana ENT, our facial reconstructive surgery services are defined by our unparalleled expertise and dedication to patient satisfaction. Our board-certified surgeons are not just medical professionals; they are artists who blend surgical precision with an aesthetic sensibility tailored to the unique contours and characteristics of each patient’s face.

Our team’s skills extend beyond technical proficiency; they encompass a deep understanding of facial symmetry, proportion, and the subtle nuances that contribute to natural-looking results. We commit to the highest standards of care, from the initial consultation through to the postoperative follow-up, ensuring a supportive and inclusive experience.

Our surgeons stay abreast of the latest advancements in facial plastic surgery, adopting innovative techniques and technologies that enhance outcomes and reduce recovery time. With a patient-first approach, we ensure that all procedures align with the individual’s goals and expectations, providing personalized care that places safety and quality at the forefront.

Choosing our team means entrusting your appearance to a team that values the trust you place in us. We take pride in helping our patients achieve their desired results, bolstering their confidence, and improving their quality of life. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Louisiana ENT stands as a premier destination for facial plastic surgery in Louisiana.

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