Ear Treatments at Louisiana ENT

At Louisiana ENT, we understand the importance of comprehensive ear care. Our dedicated team is equipped to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of ear-related issues. From simple wax removal to balance testing and advanced surgical procedures, we are committed to providing personalized, high-quality care. Our state-of-the-art treatments and patient-focused approach ensure that individuals of all ages receive the necessary care to improve their ear health and overall well-being. Louisiana ENT Specialists offers support and treatment if you're dealing with an acute ear infection, require professional ear hygiene services, or need advanced neurotological expertise. We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge and providing them with the care they need to hear and live better.

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Available Treatments

  • Balance testing
  • Ear hygiene and wax removal
  • Ear tubes
  • Repair of eardrum perforation
  • Surgical treatment of chronic ear infections
  • Surgical procedures
  • Neurotology

Services Offered

Balance Testing

Balance testing is a comprehensive assessment to diagnose conditions affecting equilibrium. We evaluate inner ear functions and balance coordination using advanced technology to tailor effective treatment plans for vertigo and balance disorders.

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Ear Hygiene & Wax Removal

We can remove excess ear wax, which is crucial for maintaining ear health. Our clinicians use meticulous techniques to prevent blockages, ensuring optimal hearing and preventing infections without discomfort.

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Repair of Eardrum Perforation

We perform the delicate surgical repair of ruptured eardrums to restore hearing and prevent recurring infections. Our approach minimizes discomfort while promoting quick healing and long-term ear drum integrity.

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Ear Tubes

This involves the placement of tiny tubes in the eardrum to prevent fluid build-up and infections. This common, minimally invasive procedure helps alleviate chronic ear infections, especially in children, improving hearing and quality of life.

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Surgical Treatment of Chronic Ear Infections

At Louisiana ENT, we perform targeted interventions to eradicate persistent infections that resist standard treatments. Our surgical options can alleviate pain, prevent complications, and protect against hearing loss.

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Surgical Procedures

Our expert surgeons perform precision-based operations to address a range of ear disorders. From corrective surgeries for congenital issues to complex procedures for trauma or cancer, we prioritize safety and efficacy.

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We offer advanced treatments for disorders related to the ear and balance, including nerve-related hearing loss and tinnitus. Our neurotologists offer cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services for complex auditory and balance conditions.

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Why choose us?

At Louisiana ENT, we take pride in our exceptional team of ENT specialists who are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Our specialists are experienced and compassionate, ensuring easy access to health services, including same-day appointments to address your concerns promptly.

We stand out as a leading, nationally recognized network with six locations across Louisiana. Our staff of over 25 physicians and specialists brings world-class medical and surgical care directly to both children and adults. Having served the Louisiana community for over 45 years, Louisania ENT is synonymous with excellence in ENT care, offering the complete spectrum of services in one cohesive network.

Your Louisiana ENT and audiology specialists

We deliver the highest quality of care for ear, nose, throat, and related structures. Our team consists of board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons and providers who utilize the latest in evidence-based medicine to achieve long-term results. Our patient-first philosophy means we take the time to listen and understand your needs, personalizing your care journey.

Education is central to our treatment approach. We empower our patients with knowledge about their conditions and the choices available to them. This, paired with our extensive network of specialists, provides a seamless and in-depth healthcare experience, all under the Louisania ENT umbrella.

Your health is our priority. At Louisania ENT Specialists, every patient receives individualized attention to ensure that their specific health needs are met with the utmost care and expertise. Choose us for a dedicated partner in your ENT health journey.

With 6 convenient locations around the Louisiana area, we're never far away.

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