What to expect from a diagnostic hearing evaluation at Louisiana ENT

A diagnostic hearing evaluation is not just a procedure; it is the beginning of understanding your auditory health. Conducted by our certified audiologists, this series of precise tests, including speech recognition, air and bone conduction, and more, is tailored to reveal the intricacies of your hearing ability. Beyond identification, our evaluations are a gateway to solutions—be they medical, surgical, or hearing aids.

  • Detailed assessments: Our thorough evaluations, typically 30-45 minutes, employ tests like tympanometry and auditory brainstem response (ABR) to gauge hearing loss levels accurately.
  • Tailored recommendations: Post-evaluation, we do not just hand you a report—we provide personalized treatment recommendations that may range from hearing aids to medical interventions, depending on your unique condition.

Tips for a successful hearing evaluation experience

  • Engage with our audiologist by asking questions as an active participant in your healthcare.
  • Consider your lifestyle when discussing solutions, as it significantly influences the effectiveness of hearing aids or other treatments.
  • Work in collaboration with our audiologist, as the partnership is crucial in resolving your hearing issues successfully.
  • Allow ample time for your visit, especially if the discussion of hearing aids arises, to ensure a well-informed decision-making process.

Preparing for a hearing evaluation at Louisiana ENT

To make the most of your appointment, it is helpful if you come prepared with:

  • A supportive companion.
  • Your medical history for more context to your hearing health.
  • A list of specific personal hearing concerns (e.g., tinnitus, vertigo) to evaluate in depth.
  • An inventory of medications and supplements for a full understanding of your health.
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Hearing Testing

  • Comprehensive auditory evaluations to determine the level and type of hearing loss.
  • Utilization of advanced audiometric equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis.
  • Assessment of speech discrimination abilities to understand the impact on daily communication.
  • Tests for auditory processing to check how the brain interprets sounds.
  • Specialized evaluations for pediatric to geriatric populations, catering to all age groups.

Hearing Aids

  • Custom fitting of a wide range of hearing aid styles from invisible in-canal to behind-the-ear models.
  • Selection of devices equipped with the latest technology, such as Bluetooth connectivity and noise reduction features.
  • Provision of digital hearing aids that automatically adjust to different sound environments.
  • Consultations to determine the most suitable hearing aid options based on lifestyle, hearing loss severity, and personal preferences.

Hearing Aid Programming and Maintenance

Individualized hearing aid programming to match the specific hearing loss profile of each patient.

  • Regular maintenance services extend the lifespan of hearing aids and ensure peak performance.
  • On-site repairs and adjustments to address feedback issues, fit problems, or sound quality concerns.
  • Education on daily care and best practices to maintain hearing aid functionality.

Surgery to Repair Hearing

  • Evaluation for and performance of surgical procedures like cochlear implants for severe hearing loss or complete deafness.
  • Tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy surgeries address issues such as perforated eardrums or cholesteatomas.
  • Stapedectomy operations for conditions like otosclerosis, which can cause conductive hearing loss.
  • Ossicular chain reconstruction to improve hearing when there is damage to the tiny bones in the ear.

Assistive Listening Devices

  • Provision of devices such as amplified phones, TV listening systems, and personal amplifiers for those with hearing impairment.
  • Integration of FM systems for use in educational settings to help students with hearing loss.
  • Distribution of alerting devices designed to work with doorbells, smoke detectors, and alarm clocks for better awareness.
  • Training on the use of telecoil and loop systems to improve hearing in public venues and spaces.
  • Comprehensive auditory evaluations to determine the level and type of hearing loss.

Utilization of Advanced Audiometric Equipment

  • Assessment of speech discrimination abilities to understand the impact on daily communication.
  • Tests for auditory processing to check how the brain interprets sounds.
  • Specialized evaluations for pediatric to geriatric populations, evaluating and treating all age groups.

Same-day Appointments at Louisiana ENT

Do not let uncertainty dictate your life. With a hearing evaluation at Louisiana ENT Specialists, you are not just addressing hearing loss; you are reclaiming the sounds of life that you cherish. Contact us to reserve your evaluation and embark on a journey to better hearing and improved quality of life.

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Why Choose Louisiana ENT Specialists for hearing loss issues?

At Louisiana ENT Specialists, we are more than just healthcare providers; we are your neighbors, your friends, and your family’s trusted companion through each generation. Our roots run deep in the Louisiana community, with a legacy of compassionate, quality care that spans over four decades. Here is why you should entrust us with your ENT care:

Choose Louisiana ENT Specialists - where tradition meets innovation in ENT care. We are not just treating conditions; we are treating you, your family, and the community we proudly call home. Experience the difference with Louisiana ENT Specialists.

Why choose Louisiana ENT to diagnose and treat hearing loss?

By choosing Louisiana ENT for your hearing loss needs, you will be under the care of a partner who will be with you at every step, from diagnosis to long-term care. We are dedicated to restoring hearing as much as possible, with comfort and compassion, expertise, and the most advanced care available.

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Expert audiological care

At Louisiana ENT, we understand the critical nature of hearing in your daily life. Our audiologists are not only experts in diagnosing hearing conditions but also excel in providing personalized treatment plans that align with your specific needs. We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to accurately determine the extent of your hearing loss, ensuring that your care plan is effective and tailored just for you.

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Advanced hearing aid technology

We believe in integrating the latest technology to improve your quality of life. Our selection of hearing aids comes from top manufacturers and includes a variety of styles and functions to match your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. We provide extensive counseling on the use and care of your devices, ensuring you are comfortable and confident in your hearing aid experience.

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Comprehensive follow-up care

Your journey to better hearing does not end with the fitting of a hearing aid. At Louisiana ENT, we offer thorough follow-up care, including hearing aid programming and maintenance, to ensure your auditory devices are functioning optimally and you are satisfied with the improvement in your hearing.

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Collaborative approach to treatment

We work closely with you to understand the challenges you face due to hearing loss. By considering your lifestyle and hearing needs, we foster a collaborative environment where you are an active participant in your treatment journey, leading to outcomes that truly enhance your way of life.

With 6 convenient locations around the Louisiana area, we're never far away.

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