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ENT physicians are uniquely trained in both medicine and surgery, allowing them to provide comprehensive care for patients suffering from conditions that impact hearing, balance, smell, respiratory function, voice, and swallowing. The scope of ENT medicine extends beyond simple medical treatments, incorporating surgical interventions when necessary. These may be required when conventional treatments fail to alleviate symptoms or when physical injuries or deformities need to be addressed.

Common conditions treated by ENT surgery

  • Sinusitis: Chronic inflammation or infection of the sinuses that fails to improve with medical treatment may require surgical intervention for relief.
  • Nose infections and injuries: Severe infections, fractures, or deformities of the nose can be treated with several types of nasal surgery.
  • Ear infections: When recurring or chronic ear infections cannot be managed with antibiotics, surgery may be needed to prevent complications like hearing loss.
  • Sleep disorders: Conditions like sleep apnea, often caused by obstructions in the airways, can be effectively managed with surgery.
  • Vertigo: Certain cases of vertigo, particularly those caused by inner ear conditions, may be treated with surgical procedures.
  • Head and neck pain: Some causes of head and neck pain, such as nerve disorders or tumors, may require surgical intervention.
  • Speech and swallowing disorders: Various conditions that affect a person's ability to speak or swallow properly can be managed with ENT surgeries.
  • Tonsillitis: Chronic or recurrent tonsillitis that doesn't respond to medical treatment may necessitate a tonsillectomy, a common ENT procedure.

Common types of ear surgery 

When cared for by skilled ENT specialists, surgery can significantly improve quality of life, allowing patients to breathe, hear, speak, and swallow more comfortably. Common ear procedures med by ENTS include:

  • Ear tubes (tympanostomy): A procedure for recurrent ear infections or fluid accumulation. Tiny tubes are inserted into the eardrum to drain excess fluids and prevent further infections.
  • Myringoplasty: This procedure repairs a perforated eardrum caused by trauma, infection, or injury. It restores the eardrum's function, improving hearing and preventing complications.
  • Tympanoplasty: A surgical repair of the eardrum and the middle ear's small bones. It treats chronic ear infections, injuries, and other middle ear problems, restoring hearing and alleviating discomfort.
  • Tympanoplasty with ossicular reconstruction: When both the eardrum and ossicles need repair, this complex procedure is performed to restore hearing and sound transmission.
  • Tympanomastoidectomy: This procedure addresses severe ear infections that have spread to the mastoid bone. Infected tissue and drainage pathways are removed to prevent complications and preserve hearing.
  • Tympanomastoidectomy with ossicular reconstruction: In cases where mastoid involvement and ossicular damage are present, this comprehensive procedure addresses the infection and mastoid bone issues and restores the functionality of the middle ear.
  • Stapedectomy: A specialized procedure that targets hearing loss due to otosclerosis. The stapes bone is removed and replaced with a prosthetic implant, effectively treating conductive hearing loss.
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Are you struggling with an ear condition?

These ear-related surgical procedures can treat a wide range of ear conditions and disorders, allowing patients to regain their hearing, reduce discomfort, and improve their overall quality of life. If you or a loved one are experiencing ear-related issues, it's important to consult with an ear, nose, and throat specialist who can assess your condition and recommend the most appropriate surgical intervention if other options have been exhausted.

Why choose Louisania ENT for your ear procedure?

In choosing Louisania ENT, you are opting for a nationally recognized network of ENT providers who have been serving Louisiana for over 45 years. We offer unparalleled access to a wide range of ENT specialties, delivering compassionate, attentive care and long-term relief from conditions affecting the ear, nose, throat, and breathing passageways. With Louisania ENT, you are not just patient; you are part of our community, and we are here for you. We take pride in being the largest group of ENT doctors in Louisiana. 

Our network of top-rated, board-certified physicians works collaboratively to provide the highest standard of care tailored to each patient's needs. We are committed to finding minimally invasive, long-lasting solutions to sinus and nasal issues, always prioritizing the well-being of our patients. Our exceptional team of ENT specialists is experienced in providing care for all ages. We are dedicated to maintaining a welcoming and friendly environment, ensuring you and your family feel comfortable and well cared for. 

With 6 convenient locations around the Louisiana area, we're never far away.

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