Introducing Oticon Real™ Hearing Aids- Stay Sharp In The Real World.

Get back the real sounds of life — precise and balanced — with Oticon Real, delivering:

  • Technology that supports how the brain naturally processes sounds
  • Better access to the full sound scene
  • Increased awareness, engagement, and focus in the real world
  • BrainHearing™ Oticon Real gives your brain access to the full sound scene.
  • Powered by the Polaris R™ platform, Oticon Real includes RealSound Technology designed to give access to the real sounds of life.
  • Real styles Oticon Real has a distinct, elegant design and is available in 4 styles, 9 colors and 2 charger options.
  • Connects to your digital world Streams directly from iPhone* and Android™: Enjoy high-quality streaming from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch®, and select Android devices.**
  • Convenient charging options Enjoy the freedom of a SmartCharger or everyday convenience with a desktop charger.

*Hands-free communication is available with iPhone® 11 or later running iOS 15.2 or later, and iPad® running iPadOS® 15.2 or later.
**Android™ devices need to support Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) to allow direct streaming to Oticon Real. Please visit for more

Introducing Oticon Own™, A Hearing Aid Developed For Ultimate Discreteness And Superior Sound Quality.

As the world’s smallest hearing aid with BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Own allows you to process sounds with less effort, so you can hear more naturally.

An invisible look

The invisible-in-canal (IIC) style is invisible in 9 out of 10 ears.*

A customized fit

Tailored to your individual ear shape for all-day comfort.

Exceptional sound quality

Maintaining a precise balance between speech and other sounds.

Built on BrainHearing™

Designed to support your brain’s natural way of working.

Connect seamlessly

Enjoy hands-free communication using your Oticon Own hearing aids as a headset to connect
wirelessly to your phone or tablet.**

**Rumley et al. (2022). Oticon Own evidence. Oticon Whitepaper. **Only available in styles with 2.4 GHz. See which hearing aids and devices are compatible at

Introducing Oticon More™ – The New Perspective In Hearing Care

Oticon More works more like how the brain works, because it learned through experience. The world’s first hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN).

Oticon More highlights:

  • Revolutionary BrainHearing™ technologies deliver what the brain needs to make sense of sound for a superb hearing experience
  • The world’s first hearing aid with an on-board DNN that learned from the sounds of the world, the way the brain does
  • Polaris™ – our most intelligent platform ever, designed to power the world’s first on-board DNN
  • MoreSound Intelligence™ – a quantum leap forward in signal processing
  • MoreSound Amplifier™ – a trailblazing, balanced amplification system
  • Extensive range of connectivity options, including direct streaming from iPhone® and Android™ devices*
  • State-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion miniRITE R: gives patients a full day of listening** with quick recharging

*Android™ devices need to support ASHA to allow direct streaming to Oticon More. Please visit for more information.

**Lithium-ion battery behavior varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behavior.

Oticon More Styles

  • miniRITE R – Oticon More miniRITE R is a state-of-the art rechargeable hearing aid that sits discreetly behind the ear. It comes with an easy-to-use stylish and reliable charger and offers a wealth of features and functionalities, including 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • miniRITE T – Oticon More miniRITE T offers a discreet design with LED-light to make handling easy. The style includes a telecoil and comes with disposable batteries for hassle-free, immediate replacement of power. It offers direct streaming from iPhone® and selected Android™ devices.
  • miniBTE R – Oticon More miniBTE R is a rechargeable BTE-style. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The style features telecoil and a single push-button. It features Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for seamless connectivity with your favorite devices and a telecoil to receive audio from public hearing loop systems. For slight to moderately-severe hearing loss.
  • miniBTE T – Oticon More miniBTE T is small in size and comes with an LED-light for easy handling. The style features telecoil and a single push-button and uses disposable zinc air batteries. It features Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for seamless connectivity with your favorite devices and a telecoil to receive audio from public hearing loop systems. For slight to moderately-severe hearing loss.

Oticon Xceed

Introducing The World’s Most Powerful Hearing Aid For People With Severe-To-Profound Hearing Loss.

Hear more speech with less effort.

The new unique technology in Oticon Xceed supports you by giving you more access to speech than ever before. Oticon Xceed is proven to give you better speech clarity with less listening effort in noisy environments, compared to our previous generations of powerful hearing aids.*

Oticon hearing aids feature BrainHearing™ technology, which helps your brain understand and process sounds more easily.

With Oticon Xceed you get:

  • 360° access to speech with less effort
  • Outstanding clear sound with more detail
  • Prevention of annoying howling sounds
  • Easy wireless connectivity to many devices

Open up your world with life-changing technology

*Ng 2019, Oticon Whitepaper

Oticon Zircon

Celebrate life all around you

It’s time to start socializing and celebrating a life filled with sound. Thanks to life-changing BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Zircon delivers 360° speech and clear sound from all directions, even when in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love.

Oticon Zircon Highlights:

  • Delivers 360° Speech and clear sound from all directions, even when in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love.
  • Bluetooth® low energy connects you to a wide range of smartphones, TVs and computers.
  • Seamless connectivity options for a high-quality listening experience in everyday situations so you can go through your day with more confidence and convenience.
  • Offering a choice of rechargeable or non-rechargeable styles, the Zircon family provides a range of hearing aids that meet your needs.

Oticon Breaks The Rules. Again.

Oticon Opn S hearing aids help you break free of restrictions and join the conversation in difficult listening environments. 

Oticon Opn S highlights:

  • More advanced and powerful Velox S™ platform supports key technologies proven to deliver better hearing with less effort
  • Easy wireless connectivity to devices
  • State-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion miniRITE R gives you a full day of listening with quick recharging
  • Updated OpenSound Navigator™ expands the boundaries of the open sound experience 
  • OpenSound Optimizer™ technology provides a breakthrough in sound quality and speech understanding that allows up to 30% more speech cues
  • OpenSound Booster offers more help in everyday situations
  • Next-level BrainHearing™ benefits provide speech understanding on par with normal hearing in noisy environments

Oticon Opn S MiniRITE R

Opn S miniRITE R offers the simplicity of rechargeable batteries, the groundbreaking open sound experience, and outstanding connectivity to other devices. This discreet hearing aid comes with a sleek and stylish charger and long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

  • Super-fast three-hour charging time for a full day of power
  • Quick recharge – 30 minutes for an additional five to six hours of power
  • Contact-free and reliable, inductive charging
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use and stylish charger
  • Connect to TVs, smartphones, and other devices with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology
  • Smart ON/OFF – hearing aids start charging when placed in the charger and turn off when removed
  • Easy battery replacement – replace the lithium-ion battery in the clinic; no need to send in for service

Oticon CROS

Oticon CROS PX miniRITE R and Oticon CROS miniRITE T are the solutions you’ve been hoping for, providing valuable and lifechanging benefits:

  • Hear more sounds from all directions — even from your poorer hearing side
  • Stay focused and understand conversations, even in noisy environments
  • Ability to be aware of sound from poorer ear side when watching TV or streaming music and audio
  • No surgical procedures necessary
  • Rechargeable option with Oticon CROS PX

You don’t have to compromise on your hearing anymore. With Oticon CROS/BiCROS, you can actively participate in conversations all around you.


Oticon Siya hearing aids help you hear better by amplifying the rich details of sound, so you can focus in on every precious moment. Siya hearing aids feature BrainHearing™ technology which helps your brain understand sounds more easily.

Oticon Siya features:

  • Superb sound quality
  • Easy wireless connectivity to devices
  • Effective noise reduction
  • A choice of models and features

The Oticon ON App

Oticon ON enables your hearing aids to interact with other Internet-connected devices and services. Trigger your lights, home alarm or smart thermostat when you turn your hearing aids on or off. Tell your hearing aids to notify you when your battery is low, the laundry is finished, or someone’s at the door. With Oticon ON, it’s all up to you.

Benefits of using the app:

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