What To Consider When Choosing A Hearing Aid

Your level of hearing loss, lifestyle needs and personal preferences all play a role in the hearing aid selection process. Some factors to consider include:

  • Degree of hearing loss (power requirements)
  • Budget
  • Desired appearance
  • Skin sensitivities
  • Anatomical/medical considerations
  • Ability to see and handle small devices
  • Lifestyle and listening needs

Budget is a significant factor in style selection. The cost of hearing aids generally depends on the technology and number of advanced features a device has, not necessarily on a specific style. As hearing technology advances, so will the availability of special features across different models.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a hearing aid is to discuss your needs and preferences with a hearing professional. Book an appointment today and one of our providers will help match you with the right solution.

Hearing Aid Styles: Behind the Ear (BTE), Receiver in Canal (RIC), In the Ear (ITE), Completely in Canal (CIC), In the Canal (ITC), Invisible in Canal (IIC)

Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes. Some are sleek and discreet, while others are more powerful and can be equipped with advanced features and technology. With so many styles and options available today, you’re guaranteed to find a device that fits seamlessly into your everyday life.

Types Of Hearing Aids

Behind The Ear (BTE)

Powerful, Adaptable Technology

BTE hearing aids are known for their power and customizability. They are an excellent option for mild-to-profound hearing loss and are the preferred option for children because of their maturing ear anatomy. The slightly larger design allows for volume and programming controls, customizable fit options and a longer battery life.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable and easy to handle
  • Most comprehensive range of features and sound programming options
  • Larger size allows for longer battery life
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity

Receiver In Canal (RIC)

Comfortable, Flexible and Versatile

RIC hearing aids balance comfort and sleek design with an unparalleled sound experience. The receiver delivers sound directly into the ear canal, connecting to a small, lightweight unit that sits discreetly behind the ear. RICs are versatile devices that suit nearly all types of hearing loss, from mild to severe.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight feel and flexible design
  • More discreet than BTE models
  • In-ear receiver delivers enhanced sound quality
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity

In The Ear (ITE)

Power and Comfort for All-Day Wear

ITE hearing aids use the natural acoustics of your ear to amplify sound. They are custom molded to sit comfortably within the ear bowl and their larger size makes them easy to clean and adjust. The power and design of ITEs make them ideal for those with mild-to-severe hearing loss.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to adjust and maintain
  • Custom-molded for a comfortable fit
  • Longer battery life for all-day use
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity

In The Canal (ITC)

Advanced Features in a Discreet Package

While slightly larger and easier to handle than smaller canal models, ITC hearing aids are still fairly discreet and can be equipped with a wide range of features. Many ITC models are available with volume control and directional microphones, which can help wearers better adapt to different sound environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom-molded for a comfortable fit
  • Less noticeable appearance
  • Best suited for mild-to-moderate hearing loss
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity

Completely In Canal (CIC)

Discreet and Direct Sound Delivery

CIC hearing aids are custom-molded to sit within the ear canal, providing a natural, nearly invisible look. They work with the ear’s shape to direct sound to the microphone and enhance sound quality. Best suited for mild-to-moderate hearing loss, CIC hearing aids are a great option for wearers that live a more active lifestyle.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom-molded, secure fit
  • Nearly invisible look
  • Reduced wind noise, whistling and feedback
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity

Invisible In Canal (IIC)

Out-of-Sight Sound Amplification

IIC hearing aids are the smallest and most inconspicuous style of technology available. They are custom-molded to fit deep in the ear canal and utilize the wearer’s ear anatomy to amplify sound. Best for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who desire an undetectable look.

Features and Benefits

  • Secure fit for active lifestyles
  • Virtually invisible to others
  • Reduced wind noise, whistling and feedback
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity

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